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Secure Controls Z-Wave Thermostaat met LCD display + boiler schakelaar

De Secure Z-Wave thermostaat met boiler schakelaar is een systeem om warm-water systemen te bedienen, maar ook vloerverwarming installaties. De set bestaat uit een wandthermostaat (op batterijen), die in de huiskamer gemonteerd kan worden, gecombineerd met een relais schakelaar om de boiler aan te sturen. De thermostaat kan handmatig en op afstand worden bediend om de gewenste temperatuur in te stellen.
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The Secure SEC_SRT322 is a system to control warm water heating in general and floor heating installations in particular. It consists of a battery operated wall thermostat installed in the room to be controlled and a relay switch to operate the water boiler. The thermostat can be manually operated by the user or remotely operated via Z-Wave to set the desired temperature level.TransmitterThe SEC_SRT321 is a battery operated wall thermostat. Using a big wheel on the device the user can preset the desired target temperature in the room. By verifying the target temperature with the measured real temperature closed to the device the unit decides how to operate a wirelessly attached power switch that is attached to the heater. In parallel a central gateway of Z-Wave control software can set the target temperature using Z-Wave. This enables to realize a time scheduled zone heating. The thermostat itself does not have any internal timers but executes the wireless settings (COMMAND CLASS THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT) and the local setup.ReceiverThe SEC_SSR303 is a wirelessly controlled Relay switch to operate loads up to 3 A / 230 V. It is used to control warm water boilers or magnet valves. The device can be operated locally using two buttons. A LED indicated the current switching status. The fashionable design of the device allows mounting it on visible positions in the home.

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